We have a passion for the arts, and for our cultural community coming together in new and interesting ways. Having worked in the events and hospitality industries for over 15 years, we have a personal and professional drive to be of service in a way that is innovative, ethical, environmentally responsible and it is always a joy to be an advocate for the little grass roots connections that weave between our beautiful creative community.






Once you have completed the expressions of interest form online, you will be contacted by our Director Deb to have a chat about your application, and an in person appraisal to ensure our ethos are aligned for Eco Lane Tours visitors, and to chat about the best approach to bring walking tour guests through. 

If you are able to meet the criteria for being a host on our trail, we will come and visit your shop or business and connect personally to ensure both parties are informed and committed to the same outcomes. 



Your business will be assessed to ensure we are supporting sustainable, ethical and local products and initiatives as much as possible. We endeavour to bring our unique trail themes to  a wide audience and we are passionate about being environmentally and culturally responsible and having our tours reflect that. 

Some of the criteria we are encouraging for our Eco Lane trail map participants/hosts include;  

  • Based in the Byron Shire NSW and have started your business here, be locally based for your main trade and HQ ie; not being a chain store or primarily based in another town. 

  • Have a written environmental policy, and an eco savvy ethos that is apparent to your customers in your products and services and in the general running of your business.

  • Employ local people for the majority of your staff and have a happy team that are welcoming to our guests, we are positively focused on inclusivity and diversity

  • Have an emphasis in your ethos of inclusivity and diversity on all levels, and have accessibility for patrons who may have additional access needs.

  • Pay a subscription as per your agreed contract time, to be listed and visited on our trail map, which shows your commitment to hosting our groups. 
    This subscription fee is in lieu of commission based sales, and is part of the mutual commitment whereby Eco Lane bring guests directly to your business while promoting and marketing the trails on many platforms globally.

  • Be willing to be a host for Eco Lane tours for a minimum of 3 months as a trial basis, the exact tour days and times to be confirmed upon discussion with the Director and may be subject to change.

  • Be willing to provide relevant and up to date promotional material as required, (business profiles and graphics) to us as a tourism operator, so that we can promote you when we are extending our information to Council, Destination NSW and other regional and national tourism promoters.

Responsibilities as trail map hosts include:

  • Communicating respectfully and clearly around your commitments to being a trail map host including changes in bookings, staffing, or business contact details.

  • Contacting the Director of Eco Lane Byron Bay immediately if a critical incident arises with any guest or guide.

  • Completing the orientation provided by  Eco Lane Byron Bay and be up to date with our calendar and scheduled tours.

  • It is the hosts of Eco Lane responsibility to take all steps to protect the health and welfare of the guest while in their care, therefore any businesses we visit will be expected to be providing a safe, clean, welcoming, caring and supportive environment for all guests.

  • Regularly interacting and pro-actively communicating with the guests while respecting varied cultural/language backgrounds or physical abilities.

  • Ensuring your business, contents and goods are covered by all appropriate and current insurance policy, and understanding Eco Lane Byron Bay takes no responsibility for breakages sustained by guests of their walking tour. It will be in the clause for guests upon ticket purchase they are liable for any breakages caused and any possible injury or incident they may incur.

  • Making all efforts to honour the commitment made to host guests from the tour when agreed to and communicated 24 hours prior if you are not able to keep a committed agreement, either as a one off or ongoing.

  • Provide feedback and information to Eco Lane director regarding any changes, improvements, or updates that may support or affect the walking tours.

Thank you so very much for being a part of Eco Lane and the vision to engage more people in local creativity and connection to our many colourful cultures.